About Norway

About Norway

Norway is a mountainous and cold country located in Northern Europe and west of Scandinavian Peninsula. This country is located in the Northern Hemisphere and is bordered by the Norwegian Sea. The Scandinavian Mountains is the most notable mountain ridge in Norway which is embedded with some beautiful and deep valleys and functions as one of the most popular touristic attractions of this country.

It is reported that 94% of its lands is arable and, thus, agriculture has prospered in this country. In most of northern Norway, there are usually six months of day and six months of night.  Besides, there is usually a nine-month snow and rain period in these northern areas.

In the 1800 s,Oslo, the capital of Norway, was a village. However, this city now hosts a large section of the population. The Vikings were the most important people who lived in Norway. Norwegians date back to Scandinavian race, the Vikings ancestry and the Germanic tribe.

The Norwegian economy improved from 1960 onwards. Thus, the demand for workforce increased and many people arrived from other countries in search of work. The Europeans were the firstpeople who entered the country; however, from around 1970 onwards, many Asian,African and Latin American people entered into Norway. Besides, many Pakistanisand Turks came to work there and many of them still live in this country.

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